PURETi Transforms Surfaces into
Self-cleaning, Air Purifying Materials.

Infrastructure and Public Works

Public facilities offer a great venue for PURETi to maintain appearance and deliver sustainability benefits.

The invention of smog-eating cement introduced the idea that roadways could be part of the solution to air pollution and global warming. PURETi takes this idea to the next level by providing greater efficacy, greater versatility, and lower cost. PURETi can be sprayed to existing roadways (no re-paving necessary) and unlike smog-eating cement, PURETi can be applied to asphalt. Learn more about PURETi’s NOx reducing capability.

Every modern public works project is expected to minimize its environmental impact. Maintaining facilities that are always in the public eye is also a challenge. Facility owners and operators around the globe are learning the PURETi can keep their properties cleaner, reducing the cost of building maintenance.