PURETi Transforms Surfaces into
Self-cleaning, Air Purifying Materials.

PURETi Teams with the Best

PURETi has developed a global network of strategic allies – architects, manufacturers and experts in facility management and service – that are dedicated to using light to clean air and buildings.

“We all love innovation, but you can only have innovation if someone has the guts to go first.” PURETi’s partners are world class in what they do. They have also stepped up and shown the courage of their convictions, their commitment to sustainability and their leadership in innovation by taking the time to evaluate and team with PURETi. We salute them and thank them for their support and urge you to connect with them.

  • Cristal
  • SupplyWorks/Interline Brands
  • ISS
  • Matera Paper
  • Vincent Printing
  • Fauna Digital (Mexico)
  • ThinkLite, Lighting Partner
  • Vital Oxide
  • Environment Assured (China)
  • New Age Science and Technologies (China)
  • Clean Beyond
  • Managed by Q