PURETi Transforms Surfaces into
Self-cleaning, Air Purifying Materials.

Sustainable Holdings Inc. Enters Strategic Partnership with PURETi to Develop and Introduce Breakthrough Products that Will Change the Meaning of Clean

Sustainable Holdings Inc. and CEO Alex H. Edward III Will Use Technology to Transform Windows and Other Surfaces Into Self Cleaning Air-Purifiers to Save More and Clean Less

AUSTIN, Texas (April 13, 2016) – Sustainable Holdings Inc. CEO Alex H. Edwards III today announced a significant partnership with PURETi Group, LLC, a leading manufacturer of advanced water-based photocatalytic surface treatments. Though this relationship, Sustainable Holdings Inc. will develop and introduce environmentally friendly products using leading-edge technology that help clean, oxidize and purify personal spaces using the power of the sun and UV-A light.

Sustainable Holdings Inc. will initially launch commercial products that offer breakthrough advantages delivered by the PURETi photocatalytic window and surface treatments, which have been recognized and utilized by NASA as a dual technology partner. These benefits include pollution control, self-cleaning capabilities, odor elimination, indoor air purification, and reduced cleaning and maintenance costs. The ultimate goal will be to make the products available for use in all areas of everyday lives.

“Our partnership with PURETi is a key step in creating and launching products that empower people to actively control their quality of life,” said Edwards. “By using this revolutionary technology in these newly available products for the first time, we will educate and inspire Americans on the simple yet innovative ways they can clean, purify and protect their personal space in a cost effective manner.”

“Our products can enhance and transform nearly any surface coated with our technology into a self-cleaning air purifier when exposed to UV-A light,” said Glen Finkel, President of PURETi. “By bringing our innovation to market for applications in our everyday lives, Sustainable Holdings is introducing Americans and homeowners to new ways to live healthier lives.”

Using a process called photocatalytic oxidation, a PURETi treated surface uses energy from natural sunlight or other UV-A light sources to destroy organic pollutants that come in contact with it.  Normal airflow circulates harmful respiratory pollutants and airborne chemical compounds to the surface, gradually cleaning the air in the entire room. 

Beginning this year, Sustainable Holdings Inc. will introduce a variety of product offerings powered by PURETi with CristalACTiV™.

For more information about Sustainable Holdings Inc., please visit www.sustainableholdingsinc.com.

About PURETi

PURETi Group, LLC is a US manufacturer of water-based photocatalytic surface modifiers Using only the energy from UV-A light, PURETi with CristalACTiV™breaks down organic matter at the molecular level, producing a variety of environmental and health benefits including saving natural resources and improving air quality.  PURETi is a NASA Dual Use Technology Partner and winner of six environmental awards.  For more information on PURETi, please visit www.pureti.com.

About Sustainable Holdings Inc.

Established in 2015, Sustainable Holdings Inc. was formed to introduce and utilize a breakthrough model in green construction. The culmination of years of research, Sustainable Holdings Inc. offers real-world solutions to lessen the impact on the earth’s finite resources and provides cost-effective solutions to healthy living. Sustainable Holdings Inc. offers ground-up green construction models, residential, and commercial retrofit solutions and direct-to-business and consumer packaged goods focusing on air quality and purification.