PURETi Transforms Surfaces into
Self-cleaning, Air Purifying Materials.

Lots of Cars = Lots of Odors

PURETi offers an innovative solution that not only cleans windows, but cleans the air inside taxis, rental cars, buses, trains, and commercial fleet vehicles.

PURETi Clean & Fresh is an environmentally friendly glass cleaner that also cleans the air. The active ingredient PURETi Clean & Fresh uses the energy from natural sunlight to safely break down organic grime, odors, and pollutants. The glass surface keeps itself cleaner - no more oily film buildup, resists fogging, and improves the air quality inside the cabin.

PURETi Clean & Fresh comes in a simple spray bottle that can be used by maintenance staff or operators. The product is sprayed on and wiped clean with the reusable microfiber towel that comes with the bottle. Whenever the vehicle is in the sun, the chemistry is working. Visibility is improved and the air will smell like…nothing. PURETi does not mask odors or overwhelm them with perfumes, it destroys them.

PURETi is a sustainable solution that delivers real value. Customer complaints go down, guest and employee satisfaction goes up, and costs are reduced.