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PURETi Inorganic Nano Glue

An amorphous titania film former for advanced materials manufacturing.

PURETi manufactures an amorphous Titania mineral film former called PING (99.5% water and 0.5% nano particles of Titania). PING functions as an adhesion promoting, surface protecting, basecoat for our photocatalytic topcoats. This same water based amorphous titania mineral film former has also been used as an inorganic adhesive to immobilize a variety of nano particles onto a variety of micro particles and substrates - with great adhesion and minimal agglomeration.

1. The Immobilization of Nanoparticles In a variety of laboratory experiments, we have successfully used PING to:

  • Immobilize sub-micronic iron oxide pigments on 40 micron diameter glass microspheres and have them survive plastics extrusion processing intact
  • Coat Kevlar and Zylon fibers and improve their abrasion resistance 300% - Auburn University
  • Bond 40 nm particles of TiO2 onto various substrates with great adhesion
  • Immobilize single wall carbon nano tubes on a variety of substrates – Yale University

The potential of this "water based inorganic nano glue" as a carrier to fix or immobilize a broad range of nanoparticles – without agglomeration - in real world applications deserves exploration.

2. Metal Oxide Film Formation - PURETi's lab (using our patented method of creating, in-situ, nanoparticles of metal oxide in aqueous film formers) has produced a number of non-titania mineral film formers. Our lab has used this same, robust, patented method to produce lithium oxide film formers, platinum oxide film formers and zinc oxide mineral films – and believes it can produce others.

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