PURETi Transforms Surfaces into
Self-cleaning, Air Purifying Materials.

Use the sunlight at the windows to clean the air

Eliminate odors and improve indoor air quality

Curtains and blinds have long been a place where odors go to linger. With PURETi they become a cleaning engine. A PURET-treated window and curtains can provide enough air scrubbing power to leave a whole room smelling fresh. Normal air circulation brings the pollutants to the treated surfaces where the UVA energy coming through the windows provides the oxidizing power. Pet odors, smoke odors, and cooking odors are all organic material that can be destroyed. The result is not a perfume cover-up; it is refreshingly pure, odor free air.

Buy products already treated with PURETi, or add PURETi as an aftermarket coating. It is completely invisible and won’t change the look or feel of the windows or curtains in any way. All you notice is the cleaner air. A single application lasts 3 years or more.